Sleeping State of Being 

Creatures of Night and Day

Journal, 2022
1st edition, 750

Why do we act the way we do?
How does consciousness work? Does it exist a pattern and possible involution in us, like there exist a lawfull evolution in nature? Why so much suffering? Are our compassion as fellow human, weakened by a sleep-like state? Do we have any controll at all?

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The sketchbook as a medium is never concluding or insisting on any final answer, but is an investigating medium in itself. I use my sketchbook to learn, asking and trying to answer those questions that never can or will have any final answers. 
This is a sneakpeak on my coming book, Sleeping State of Being, which is book number two in my series of reproduced sketchbooks, following my first published book Fractal State of Being (Journal 2014).

The book will be reproduces and published in the same small edition as last book on 750 copies.

In this book I look closer at different levels of consciousness. I am in particular looking at the term sleep. From ordinary sleep with dreams, to old mystical ideas that tells us that the human, also while awake, is in a form of sleep-like state. That this explains why we act the way we do.
Trough my own experience I ask if dreams, mythological creatures and collective underconsciousness, possibly have any connection. Because why do a person(me) in 2020 dream about heavy symbols from the past, and unfamiliar creatures which I only later, find all over the mythologic stories? And why are the creatures in mythology and archetypes the same in stories from all over the world? Does it exist a collective underconsciousness? And does that have any connection with the fact that archetypes and the mythological creatures often are the same from all parts of the world? Are these creatures and symbols timeless, or simply part of our psychology?

The project is kindly supported by Fritt Ord.