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Short biography:
Sara Skorgan Teigen (1984, Oslo, Norway) is an interdisciplinary artist, with a base in photography. She studied at Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography, Copenhagen (2008/09) and the ICP, International Center of Photography, New York, (2011/12), has a BA in Medium and Material based art at The National Academy of the Arts, Oslo (2018-2022), where she is currently doing a MFA.

She has exhibited internationally at galleries, photo-festivals, fairs and biennalles in USA, Tokyo, China, Mexico, England, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Her book Fractal State Of Being, Journal (SE/NO) 2014, was shortlisted for Paris Photo-Aperture Photo-book Awards 2014, for the 1st Book prize 2014, Author Book Award in Les Rencontres d´Arles and for Best Photography Book of the Year Award The PHE15. It has been exhibited on three continents and was selected top 10 photobooks of 2014 by Photoeye (USA). Her new book Sleeping State of Being (Journal, 2022) has been exhibited at UNSEEN in Amsterdam 2017, Steglitz19 Gallery in Antwerpen 2018, and in 2019 Teigen transformed NW Gallery in Copenhagen to a sketchbook itself. 

Currently based in Oslo, Norway

2021-24 THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE ARTS, MFA in Medium and Material Based Art, Printmaking and Publishing department, Oslo, NO.
2018-21 THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF THE ARTS, BFA in Medium and Material Based Art, Printmaking and Publishing department, Oslo, NO.
2011-12 ICP, INTERNATIONAL CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Post baccalaureate. New York, USA.

• NK, The Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts (Norske Kunsthåndtverkere). NO.
• FFF, The Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers (Forbundet Frie Fotografer). NO.
• Represented by NW Gallery, Cph, DK. 2020 -
• Member of Female Gaze art collective, NO. 2023.

Upcoming Exhibitions and projects:
2022 PAREPETH REAL HUMANS GALLERY. Silence. Collaboration with Linda Bournane Engelberth. May, St. Louis, US.
2022-23 CONCERTGEBOUW BRUGGE (Concerthall).  One artist, one thinker and one composer, invited to work with a seasonal topic for one year. Solo exhibition, September, Brugges, BE
2024 Life After Death (worktitle), HAUGAR MUSEUM. Summer, Tønsberg, NO.

Selected solo exhibitions/events
2022 NORDIC LIGHT FESTIVAL. Sleeping State of Being. Kristiansund, NO.
2022 THE VIGELAND MUSEUM. Sleeping State of Being. Oslo, NO. (Booklaunch and exhibition)
2022 RIGA PHOTOGRAPHY BIENNALLE. Screen age III: Still Life. Riga, LV.
2021 SURNADAL CENTER OF CULTURE. The Fool. Surnadal, NO.
2020 ARTERIET. Sharing Tent. Kristiansand, NO.
2019 NW GALLERY CPH. The Room as Sketchbook. Copenhagen, DK. (+AIR)
2018 GALLERY STIEGLITZ 19. Interior Landscape. Antwerpen, NL.
2018 UNSEEN. Interior Landscape. Represented by Gallery Steglitz19. Amsterdam, NL.
2016 RAILWAY MUSEUM. Folded sketches. Riga, LV. (Riga photomonth Biennalle)
2014 FOTOGALLERIET. Fractal State of Being.Oslo, NO. (Booklaunch and exhibit)
2013 STUDIO STUDIO. Introduction Introduction. Oslo, NO.
2011 GALLERY KYHL. Conservation. Århus, DK.

Selected duo and group exhibitions
2022 NORWEGIAN ACADEMY OF MUSIC. MHPCC, Conference of musicians and performing artist´s Health and Wellbeing. How to Carry Stones. NO. (Performance and vocal art with choreographer Kyuja Bae)
2022 NW GALLERY CPH, You, Me and I. Copenhagen, DK
2021 TRAFO KUNSTHALL, Connecting Lines. Asker, NO
2021 SEILDUKEN,Sharing Tent. Oslo, NO.
2021 TRAFO KUNSTHALL, If we build it, they will come. Asker, NO.
2018 NW GALLERY CPH, Family Matters. Copenhagen, DK. (part of Copenhagen Photofestival)
2016 MORE THAN A GALLERY. Contemporary Realities, by Collectif Blanc Montreal. Paris, FR.
2015 FOTOGALLERIET, The Plantation Fotostudio. Oslo, NO. (Site specific, with Johan Rosenmunthe, Christian Tunge and Vilde Rolvsen).
2014 APERTURE, New York, US.
2014 APERTURE, Tokyo, JP.
2014 PARIS PHOTO, Paris Photo&Aperture 1st PhotoBook Prize. Paris, FR.  
2014 CPW, CENTER OF PHOTOGRAPHY WOODSTOCK. Tabula Rasa. Woodstock, US. (with Anouk Kruithof and Sonia Thomsen).
2013 BIBLIOTHÈQUE DÈPARTEMENTALE des Bouches-du-Rhône. Marseille vu par 100 photographes du monde. Marseille, FR.
2012 CASTELLO DUCALE ORESINI, Capacita´, Roma, IT. (duo with Federico Grandicelli, IT).
2012 THE HUDSON RIVER CLUB. No Latency. NYC, US. (duo with Federico Grandicelli, IT).
2012 THE RITA K. HILLMAN GALLERY. My Truth, Your Truth. NYC, US.
2011 GALERIE MONTGRAND. Studio Vortex. Marseille, FR. Curator Antoine DÁgata.
2010 VRÅNGSHOLMEN. Wrong Direction Home. SE.
2009 ATELIER DEVISU. #2. Marseille, FR.

Festivals and fairs:
2022 POLYCOPIES. Paris, FR. (Booksigning)
2020 NODOCCS VIFESTIVAL.Sharing Tent. (video art festival). VE/NO.
2018 UNSEEN. Interior Landscape. Represented by Gallery Steglitz19. Amsterdam, NL.
2015 LES CONTRES DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE. Arles, FR. (Shortlist and book exhibition)
2015 PHE15, Espana Photofestival. Madrid, ES. (Shortlist and book exhibition)
2015 APhF15, Athens Photofestival. Athens, GR. (Shortlist and book Exhibition)
2015 MACRO ROMA PHOTOFESTIVAL. Photobook exhibition curated by 3/3, Little Big Press. Museo d'Arte Contemporanea Rome, IT.
2014 PARIS PHOTO. Paris, FR. (Shortlist and book exhibition)
2014 LANDSKRONA PHOTOFESTIVAL, SE. (Booklaunch and paneltalk).

•    Sleeping State of Being (Journal, 2022)
•    Fractal State of Being (Journal, 2014)
•    Little golden books (Self published 2018)
•    Capacita (Self published, 2013)

2021 FKDS, Fund for Art and Designstudents. Received the bachelor scholarship. NO.
2020 FRITT ORD, publication support for the book Sleeping State of Being. NO.
2014 NOFOFO, publication support for the book Fractal State of Being. NO.
2012 The ICP´s Director Fellowship 2012, New York.
2009 STUDIO VORTEX, Atelier deVisu. Student AIR and masterclass under Antoine d'Agata. Marseille, France.

2021 FKDS, Fund for Art and Designstudents. Received the bachelor studentprize. (Winner)
2015 MACRO ROMA PHOTOFESTIVAL- Best photobook of the year. Rome, IT. (Winner)
2014 PARIS PHOTO - Paris Photo&Aperture 1st PhotoBook Prize. (Nominee)
2014 Top 10 Photobooks of 2014:
-       PHE15, Espana Photofestival, Madrid, ES.
2012 FOTOGALLERIET, Nordic dummy awards. Oslo, NO. (Nominee)

2022 Xhaoqi Zhou. Private collection. CN.
2022 PREUS MUSEUM, Horten, NO.
2015 David Ajenstat. Private Collection. Paris, FR.
2015 Mark Wainger, Private Collection. NYC, US.  

Recidency / Masterclass:
2019 NW GALLERY, Artist in residency, Cph, DK.
2018 LUMINA GALLERY, Mentor program, Oslo, NO.
2009        ATELIER DEVISU, Masterclass JH. Engstrôm, Marseille, FR.

Lecture, artist talk, teaching:
2023 Teaching artist book workshop “Unfinished Processes”. MIRARI WORKSHOP (SE) in collaboration with VOID publishing (GR). Åland, SE and Athens, GR.
2023 Oslo Cameraclub, lecture. NO.
2023 Oslo Fotokunstskole, lecture. NO.
2022 Nordic Light festival, portfolioreview. Kristiansund, NO.
2020 Judge for the video festival nodoCCS vifestivals price. International, with base at ARTERIET Kristiansand, NO.  
2018 LUMINA GALLERY. Panel talk on photobooks with Jan Rosseel and Terje Abusdal. Oslo, NO.
2016-17 OFK, THE OSLO SCHOOL OF ART PHOTOGRAPHY. Guest teacher, Lecturer, Sensor. Oslo, NO.
2016 RIGA PHOTOMONTH. Artist talk and panel talk, JH Engstrôm, 2016
2015 FATAMORGANA, Danish School of Art Photography. Artist talk and committee. Cph, DK.
2014 LANDSKRONA PHOTOFESTIVAL. Paneltalk with JH Engstrôm and Journal. SE.

-       Artistic leader and CEO, Teigen Total AS. (2020-)
-       Freelance illustrator for book publishers as Bazaar, Gyldendahl and Pantagruel, and music publisher Grappa. (2018 - )
-       Performing singer. (2020 - )
-       Oslo Open. 2014-2019. Oslo, NO.
-       Represented by PRESENTART. NO. 2016-17.
-       Founding partner, STUDIO STUDIO, artist run gallery and selfpublishing (2012-15).
-       Jury and writer for PHOTOEYE.CO.UK, Fatamorgana, The Danish School of Art Photography and V
-       Artistic preschools:
-       Vera folkhighschool, visual arts, Copenhagen, DK. 2007-08
-       Borups folkhighschool, visual arts, writing, music, Copenhagen, DK. 2006-07

Selected publications:
GUP Magazine (NL), DER GREIF (GE), Newsweek, The Beast (USA), LensCulture (NL), Objektiv (NO), Le Journal de la Fotografie (FRA), UNSEEN Platform (NL), The Plantation Journal (UK, USA, NO), Kunstavisen (NO), Kunstforum (NO), KUNST (NO), Fotografi (NO), Politiken (DK), Klassekampen (NO), Aftenposten (NO), Dagbladet Magasinet (NO),, Zingarate (ITA), OAI13, (FRA), SilverlakeVoice (GB), BoBedre (NO).

Catalogues and participation in other printed publications:
2021 Perpetual Photographs, OBJECTIV. NO.
2015 reGeneration3, LAUSANNE MUSEUM. CH.
2014 Paris Photo & Aperture Photo Book Prize. FR/USA.
2011 Studio Vortex, ATELIER DEVISU, FR.

Selected interviews, reviews, publications:
•      LensCulture
•      Kunstavisen
•      DER GREIF:
•      UNSEEN
•      reGeneration3
•      Paris Photo&Aperture Foundation First PhotoBook Prize
•      PhotoEye:
•      Plantation Project:
•      Silverlake Voice:

Podcast and TV:
2021 NRK P2, Summer in P2 (Sommer i p2). NO.
2020 LINDMO, (Norwegian talkshow). NO.
2020 Working mums (Mammapodden). NO.