As I see it we live in two worlds. The external, physical world which we can see, touch, photograph and interact with others in, and the internal world which is invisible, where we react, mentally and emotionally, to the external world. But these two realities do not always correspond, and this friction interests me.

Why do we act the way we do?
What does an emotion look like?
Is there a pattern and possible involution in us, like there is a lawful evolution in nature? Can I use my work to learn?

Studying how nature looks and evolves perfectly, I collect photographs and draw, looking for connections and a visual alphabet to formulate the invisible world. Therefore I never see my work as final or finished; by re-using, re-editing my photographs back and forward, I am presenting my work as a bigger process itself. 

Growing up surrounded by musicians, watching my parents entertain, it made sense for me to study music and theater, but I never really found myself on stage. My interest lied in the studies of the characters, our place in the world and why we act the way we do. 

My work is the meeting-point where questions and observations of the world as I experience and learn from it meets. I use myself as subject and object, performing and acting the role of myself: a general human being, searching for answers in life.

As adults we automatically rationalize every shape and thing we see, associating it to an old experience or a memory. I am attracted to the things we cannot see, like micro/macro-cosmos and human emotions, which does not have a physical form; they are abstract matter, impossible to capture or recreate. Being confronted with something unfamiliar to us, forces us to accept what we see in front of us, like any child would do. This could enable us to feel what we see, rather than rationalize or concretize it.

Sara S. Teigen