Artist Statement

I use my work to try to understand something, rather than to mean something. I am driven by the big questions, those that neither have nor ever can get any final answers. Why do we act the way we do? What does an emotion look like? Is there a pattern and possible involution in us, like there is a lawful evolution in nature?

I am drawn to the things we cannot see. Like micro/macro cosmos, emotions and our inner experiences. Those things that are impossible to capture, recreate or conclude with a final answer. I have always felt a strong need to visualise the invisible, so I can see it physically in front of me. I mix mediums, because each medium carries with it a unique quality and opportunity to understand something. I am presenting my work as bigger installations on walls, site spesific or in artist books.

As I see it, we live in two worlds. The external, physical world that we can see and photograph, and the internal world which is invisible, where we react mentally and emotionally to the external world. But these two realities do not always correspond, and it is this point of friction that interests me. This is why I use myself as subject and object, performing, studying and acting the role of myself; one human being in search for answers in life. My work is the meeting-point of these two realities.

All my material fits in my backpack. Therefore I work in a small scale, so my materials are available to work on wherever I am. Whether in the shape of an archive of photos, a sketchbook, or a tent that I can put up and work inside. 

Photography is my visual base. It is fast and can document and collect material which I then can print out to little objects for me to cut in. I use this material in more time-consuming mediums like drawing, collage, embroidery, text, and the darkroom, needing the time to digest and explore what is happening within me.

I stage and photograph what I find to be true in life. But as life evolves, old truths has to be interwoven with the new. This is why I never see my work as final or complete. By re-using and re-editing my photographs back and forth across different mediums, I am presenting my work as an eternal processs. A way of learning.

Sara Skorgan Teigen, 2020