& SPECIAL EDITION of Sleeping State of Being (Journal 2022)

OBJECTS FOR SLEEP is textile objects we use to sleep when we are on a journey, and were made as bookends to present the special edition of Teigens book Sleeping State of Being (Journal, 2022). 
THE SPECIAL EDITION is made on top of 10 copies of the published books. They are a handmade continuation of how she made the original sketchbook. The special edition also are the only books with elastic. (images coming soon)

New and handmade drawings, collages, embroidery throughout the pages, and unique photographic material like textile print (handmade by artist), photogram,  polaroid,  contactsheets and more.

Contact for interest in purchasing special edition.
Images from The Vigeland Museum, Oslo, Norway, 2022. 
Some of the photographs are made by Paulina Tamara Cid.