Drawing on negatives 

Drawing on top of my negatives is an experiment in more directly visualizing the more internal experience that happens when photographing an outer situation.

After digging deep in my archives, I was surprised to find that mostly I photograph landscape after landscape, but rarely use them. So why do I photograph these places? Certain places, shapes or the combination of these moves me, without needing to explain why. But seeing the images I made after developing them, I mostly meet the situation of not experiencing anything like when being there photographing. Its just a documentation of the outer situation, but the picture in itself does not correspond to the felt or whole experience.

Adding an element which corresponds more to the inner experience I had of the situation.

Negatives from Puglia, NYC, Copenhagen, 2012-17.
Ultra sound images from Concertgebouw Bruge, (NL), 2023.
Work in progress.
6x7mm, 4x5mm and 35mm
Drawing 2017 and 2023