Yay, Polycopies again :) At Paris Photo 2022. Signing my new book at 17.00 Sleeping State of Being, Creatures of Night and Day. Published by Journal. Come by and say hi!


Exhibition at Nordic Light Festival 2022. The most intimate and fun photofestival there is. Thank you so much for the invitation. Opening 23.10.22.


Thank you so much everyone who came to the booklaunch at Vigeland Museum!  


Finally a booklaunch in my own home town Oslo.
04.11 at my favorite place in Oslo: the beautiful Vigeland Museum.
Exhibiting some new textilework, and there will be a performance with dancer Kyuja Bae/Skydancer at 18.00.
Laara Madsen kindly introduces the book with her own words.
Warmly welcome!


My second book Sleeping State of Being (Journal, 2022) will finally be published, after a looong pandemic.

Prelaunch at CHART fair, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark. 25-28.08.22.


I made a Vimeo page. Click HERE to see some videowork from some of my exhibitions with performancework and moving images, and flip throughs of some of my hand made books. 


Opening today at Trafo Kunsthall:


Upcoming exhibition : 
Arteriet in Kristiansand, Norway 21.11.2020, as part of nodoCCS videofestival, curated and initiated by artnodoCCS, a Venezuelian platform for art, with focus on video and sound. 

Sharing Tent is my first project using video. It is a work in progress, but is recieving so good energy from everywhere. First of all it is a heart project, where I look at what loss and sorrow is. How it is nothing like the world told me it would be, and how it lead to meeting some beautiful beings, som were strangers, other friends. Through the act of inviting, sharing, without words, collaborating, healing, lifting, spending time with eachother and our lost ones. 


Sharing Tent started as a manifestation of a room, the one to sorrow, inside me, which I could not find or understand. And it has developed to be a collaboration project with some beautiful beings;
Kyuja Bae, Artist and Dancer.
Dr.Philosophy Helena M. S. Schmidt Onarheim.
Kathinka Goldberg, Artist.
Susanne K. Johansen, Artist.
Tanja Schûtt Dideriksen, Psychiatric nurse.

I am so grateful for being invited to show this installation already now, and look forward to show it saturday 14.11. 



Hello Photolithography.

So, I`m back as a student and love it madly.
This time not in photography, but learning about awesome graphic techniques at The National School of Arts in Oslo, Arts and Craft department, Graphics and drawing.
I am starting my second year diving into photolithography, eager to see what this medium can do.

Lithography stones are from the bottom of our oceans, from BEFORE the plates separated and created our continents.. just saying.. 


Publication on the renewed UNSEEN platform.

Go check it out, among a bunch of other great projects to dive in to.


Extension : Interior Landscape still  on view in NW Gallery Copenhagen.

Some of the works, including the wall installation, is still on viewed and purchased at NW Gallery in Nansensgade 10, Copehagen.


Lensculture, interview

The magic Cat Lachowskyj from Lensculture interviewed me in UNSEEN, and I cant help loving her questions. Very happy about it and felt heard and undestood. Thank you! Read it here


Solo and AIR in NW Gallery, Copenhagen, June 2019

So happy to exhibit in a gallery that is very special and dear to me, NW Gallery Copenhagen. The gallerist, Nina Worren, and I made an exhibition together in these rooms, and it has been a dream to be able to be here and work directly at the walls and among this amazing person. Nina was also the person who first showed me what to pictures could do together when she helped me with my application to my first photoschool Fatamorgana. Since then I have follower her footsteps in school choices and she has helped me getting in, and now I am grateful to call her one of my closest friends ;) All she does for the art-world is from the heart, and that is unique in these days. Very grateful to be in her presence.
In other words, lots of good vibrations happening in the gallery! ;)
So please come by while I will be here transforming the gallery into a sketchbook, from now until the opening the 09.06. Welcome!
Ps. pre opening 05.06 of you want to meet us and se how we work.

About the exhibition:
Interior Landscape with Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO) // A solo exhibition about the room as a sketch book. OPENING June 9th 14-18. Sara Skorgan Teigen's work is a meeting-point between her inner, emotional explorations and the outside world; the confluence between the metaphysical and the physical.
Wed-Fri 13-16, Sat-Sun 12-15.
Xtra: Open Gallery, meet the artist June 5th 14-18.


SOLO EXHIBITION, Stieglitz19, Antwerpen

So proud to invite you to my soloexhibition in one of my favorite galleries, Stieglitz19 in Antwerpen, Netherland!
They show so much good stuff. Please check them out, and be welcome in Antwerpen 02.01-02.02.19



UNSEEN, Amsterdam, September, represented by Stieglitz19.

Thank you all who came! UNSEEN was great!
Click image to view more.


UNSEEN, Amsterdam, September

Grateful to be represented by Stieglitz19 in UNSEEN Amsterdam 21-23.09.18. Look so much forwaard to make a big instellation of both framed work, big and small, and draw on the walls! Hope tp see you in Stieglitz19 gallery this weekend!

Artist presentation




Again I’m part of Oslo’s nicest event of the year: Oslo Open, where many Oslo artists are opening their atelier. Ours is open sunday 21st of April 12-18: welcome!
Adr: Kongensgate 16.


reGeneration 3, Now China!

reGeneration3, a selection of young artists of tomorrow from all the world is continuing its touring until 2020. After Mexico, England and Switzerland, it’s now in China!
Here is a short presentation video and text on the work exhibited, my first publication Fractal State of Being. Click here to see the video

“The artist’s book entitled Fractal State of Being is constructed as a poem that explores the inner stirrings of the human soul. Combining photographs, notes, and drawings, Sara Skorgan Teigen revisits the tradition of the sketchbook: ancillary works often relegated by art historians to the status of mere documents, these sorts of materials, in addition containing an artist’s sketches and preparatory drawings, amount to a more or less partial anthology of her annotations and sources of inspiration. Teigen then illustrates her own personal feelings — extremely abstract and fleeting, for most part — in the form of hybrid documents comprised primarily of photographs of stony and watery landscapes in which she “lays herself bare” in series of tableaux. Over these images she draws skeins of words, plant forms, and locks of hair, in both pencil and ink. Leitmotivs that recur on each double page, these organic- looking drawings also seem to resonate with the title of the project. From the Latin fractus, meaning “broken,” the term “fractal” designates an extremely indented geometrical object, in which a basic structure repeats itself endlessly at every scale. This reference to mathematics reinforces the fragmentary nature of Sara Skorgan Teigen’s work, already manifest in the choice of the sketchbook structure”.


DER GREIF, Interview 

Publication in Der Greif, Artist Feature from the talented Rachele Monti:


Challenge, publication, KUNST magazine.

I got challenged to make an image with the title "Rituals" from the magazine KUNST for their next issue. Since the age of 14, I have been writing "morning pages" every morning. They have changed in form over the years, but they do the same thing: trashing useless noise that the pervious day and night carries, this ritual helps making space for the new day.


NW Gallery, Copenhagen AIR

This week I am doing an AIR in NW Gallery in Copenhagen with the wonderful Nina Worren, focusing on my new sketchbook and the color darkroom.


HEART exhibition

Pop up exhibiting at NW Gallery, Copenhagen 01.12-03.12, pass by if youre around! Exited about these great selscted artists. Check it out on Facebook


RIGA PHOTOMONTH, Photofestival 

Proud to be one of the exhibitors in Riga Photomonth 2016.
"The main exhibition Territories, co-curated by JH Engström will open in 12 May, featuring works by seven photographers Andrew Miksys (LT), HeikkiKaski (FI), Igor Samolet (RU), Daniels Mekss (LV), Katrina Kepule (LV), Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO) and Igor Savchenko (BY), each of them focusing on a certain physical, socio-political or personal territory."
I am also doing an artist talk the 13th of May in the festival area and a panel discussion with the other artists and curator JH. Engstrôm after.


Interview, price, Roma Photofestival

I was lucky to get selected by the absolutely awesome girls from 3/3 Little Big Press, for their photobook exhibition Photobookspace at FotoGrafia – festival internazionale di Roma, 2015. They made an interview with me, read it HERE


PLANTATION JOURNAL, Fotogalleriet, Oslo 

Some of my result for The Plantation Journals challenge PHOTOSTUDIO at Fotogalleriet yesterday (21.08)

Exhibition: FOTOSTUDIO, a collaboration between The Plantation Studio(UK) and Fotogalleriet(NO).

Taking place at Fotogalleriet 14th ­ 23rd of August. During this project period, the gallery will be turned into a photography studio and creative working space for the artists to explore their own practice in relation to a specific space and set of materials. The artists will all be responding to the same given materials, before photographing them in their constructed way. The selected images by each participating artist will then be presented at the finissage on Friday 21st of August at 7pm. These images will also be collected and printed as a publication, to be launched during the Fotobokfestival Oslo, September 2015.

The Plantation is a London based art initiative and project space founded in 2012 by Trine Stephensen and Elevine Berge. The Plantation showcases explorations within the curatorial and photographic fields in the contemporary arts through exhibitions and events in various locations, publications such as the biannual The Plantation Journal, and also through their online platform The Plantation Collective.
Participating artists: Christian Tunge (NO), Vilde J. Rolfsen (NO), Sara Skorgan Teigen (NO), Petter Berg (SE) and Johan Rosenmunthe (DK).


PRINT EDITION, Fractal State of Being

My book Fractal State of Being sold out very fast and many of you are writing me asking if I have any left to sell. Unfortunately, I will not make a second edition, but I do have some very few left in the Print Edition of 25 books containing one print each on 21x29cm, signed and editioned. The print is the cover photo titled "The Child" Price €314 / $343 / 3000nok. Order at
I accept PayPal.



July 2015
To be in Arles, les reconters de photographie, or the photo festival in Arles, has always been a goal. So the happy news is that Fractal State of Being has been shortlisted for The 2015 Book Award, in the category Author Book Award 2015. 
Arles, France.



Very happy to be in Athens Photofestival 2015.
The festival is in the beautiful museum Benaki Museum in Athens, Greece. If you are around, dont miss it!
3rd-19th of June.


PUBLICATION, Et Dieu Crea la Femme

The awesome Tine Bek has collected some women and edited a new journal: ET DIEU CREA LA FEMME, Good Press.
I am very proud to be in it.

The first volume features the work of Jessica Susan Higgins, Flavia Schuster, Sara Skorgan Teigen, Sarah Michelle Riisager, Guadalupe Miles, Lorena Guillen Vaschetti, Jasmine Bakalarz, Mette Juul, Alexandra Giarraputo, Hannan Jones, Paula Nimand Duvå, Susan Boyle, Nina Bacos and Tine Bek.
Book launch will be Saturday 6th June 2015, 3-6pm
Good Press, 5 St. Margaret's Place, Glasgow, G1 5JY


PH15, Photofestival Spain 

Fractal State of Being is shortlisted and exhibited in The Best Photography Books of the Year, host by Biblioteca Nacional de España(the oldest library in the world!), in PH15 Photo Festival España, Madrid.

Open until October 4, 2015.



Our atelier Studio Studio participate in our favorite event of the year. Oslo Open, Art Festival where artists all over Oslo is opening their doors to their ateliers for a weekend. Come by and share the sun and see our current work-in-progress all weekend.
Welcome to Studio Studio, in the cross Urtegata/Friisgate, Oslo!


BEST PHOTOBOOKS 2014 Fractal State of Being listed! 

I am happy to announce that my book Fractal State of Being was selected by Photoeye as one of the 10 best photobooks of 2014. You can see the other books here.


reGENERATION 3PH15, selected!  

Fractal State of Being has just been selected to participate in the touring exhibition reGeneration3, Tomorrows Photographers Today for 2015. Thank you to Marina Berio, chair of ICP, teacher and friend - for nominating me.

The first exhibition, and opening of ‪#‎regeneration3‬ is in Musée de l'Élysee in Lausanne, Switzerland. The exhibitors are 50 young artists from the international emerging photographic scene, selected from all over the worlds best photoschools and organisations. A small residency will be heldt for the artists. Look forward!
If you are not in Switzerland, the exhibition will travel to different countries this year. Check it out HERE.


For the frenchspeaking. here is an article about my work.



My book is exhibited with Aperture Foundation Paris Photo Prize in Tokyo!

REVIEW of Fractal State of Being

Read a great bookreview of my book Fractal State of Being at Photoeye here. Written by Sarah Bradley.



I am deadly proud to announce that my book Fractal State of Being, published at Journal is nominated for the The Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards 2014 for the prize First Photobook. What a great honor!

HERE you can read the judges presentation.

See you in Paris Photo!


My book Fractal State of Being is now available around for sale:

Bookstores and Galleries: (Pop up store Milan, ITA)
(Reminders Photography Stronghold, , Yumi Goto gallery (Tokyo, JP)
The Museum of Contemporary Art. (Oslo, NO)
Tronsmo (Oslo, NO)
Fotogalleriet (Oslo, NO)
Göteborg artmuseum (Goteborg, SE)
If you want to sell the book in your shop please contact my publisher Journal:
I also have a special edition of 5 books which is available for sale now. (Only two books left). Contact me for pictures and prices.
Or feel free to contact me if you have requests:

I am so proud to finally announce: My first book, Fractal State of Being, will be published by my very own favourite publisher Journal. It will have a small edition of 500 copies, and a special edition of 5 books which I will add hand-drawn material and original prints, a continuation of the book in the same manner as I originally used it as a sketchbook.
A release will be held in Landskrona, Sweden at Landskrona Photofestival the 23rd of august, where I will be signing and participate in a panel talk about mine and two other Journal book releases with JH.Engström and Gösta Flemming(Journal).
A release will also be held in Oslo, Norway at Fotogalleriet the 16th of october.

Keep updated for more info.
For pre-ordering the book, please contact:
Hope to see all of you in Sweden or Norway!
* * *

ILLUSTRATION, for Kaja Huuse

I had so much fun when illustrating the wonderful, funny, serious and deep children songs of Kaia Huuse. Her first childrens album "Fint å være rar" is now out at Grappa, Norway. And it is as fun for grown ups as children ;)


OsloOpen was great! Thank you for all who came. Here is some installationshots:

My atelier Studio Studio will be part of Oslo Open 2014; we will open our doors and welcome the beloved public at march 26th and 27th(opening hours: 12.00-18.00).
For the event I will show an interactive wall installation containing photographic work and drawing which I want to activate the audience to participate editing. By moving the work around on the wall I hope you can enjoy finding new connections and possibilities: editing is a powerful tool and I want the audience to experience this for them selves.
Feel welcome!
For event profiles:
Federico Grandicelli
Martine Bongaard
Sara Skorgan Teigen


CPW,  Exhibition New York

Opening at the Center for Photography at Woodstock. TABULA RASA

artists: Anouk Ruithof, Sara Skorgan Teigen, & Sonja Thomsen
curated by Ariel Shanberg
on view: February 8 – March 30, 2014
opening reception: Saturday February 8, 2014 from 5-7pm
The Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW) is pleased to open its 2014 exhibition program with the group exhibition, Tabula Rasa. Curated by CPW’s Executive Director Ariel Shanberg, the exhibition will be on view from February 8 – March 30, 2014.
Tabula Rasa, which is Latin for ‘blank slate’, brings forth three dynamic visual artists whose explorations pull at the seams of photographic language. Anouk Kruithof, Sara Skorgan Teigen, and Sonja Thomsen represent a growing interest in forgoing the practice of injecting new images into the overflowing stream that subsumes us on a daily basis. Rather, through their site-specific photo-based installations, each expands on the language of memory, the veracity of photographic impression, and the infinite space held in between and around the photograph.
Through their practice, the artists in Tabula Rasa subvert the imposing and hegemonic nature of the traditional exhibition space directly engaging and subsuming its walls. In combining elements of audience engagement, the temporal, and site-specific spectacle, they also cumulatively transcend the borders of what is a knowingly arcane object – the photographic print – exploring the literal and figurative space in and around the photograph. The cavernous voids, which consistently appear in each of their photo-based installations, reveal the physical, emotional, and intellectual gaps within photography a terrain that ultimately serves as a mirror to our own projections...
For more reading: Here is the full press release from CPW



_Magnum photographer Antoine d'Agata is curating the exhibition Vu par 100 photographes du monde at Galerie des ABD Goston-Defferre, where my work is exhibited. Opening reception is april 18th and the exhibition runs through july 20th.



_Proud member of FFF (Forbundet Frie Fotografer). As a photography-based artist in Norway, this is a wonderful place to be taken under the wings of and I am very happy to be a member of their great organisation. This autumn I was also honored to exhibit my book Fractal State of Being part of their well done arrangement at Fotogalleriet : Flere Sider Fotografi
* * *
_We are very proud to present our second collaborative exhibition in the beautiful castle Castello Ducale Orsini in Fiano Romano, Rome , Opening reception: September 11th, 5-8pm:


DUO exhibition, New York

Please join us in New York for our first collaborative exhibition hosted by TF Cornerstone, July 12th, 6-8pm: