Expercise for the future

Intuition exercise, 15min x 2 + 30min 

When I work intuitively, I never understand why I make the images I make. Yet going back and reviewing them after some time, it is always so clear to me (and fascinating!) why I made them at that spesific time. The subconscious was already processing the situation, but I didnt have acces to it yet.
I was curious if as an experiment in actively working with my own intuition could be a tool to make contact with my own subconscious mind. Would I be able to see what it is working on? 
Can intuition be a bridge to the unconscious? 

The window of tolerance from classic trauma treatment is based on the knowledge that we as humans possess necessary functions which protects us from to strong impressions. Some are simply to difficult to bare for us as individuals, and if we didnt have these filters, we would go in shock or go mad. Yet our subconscious continuesly records and processes everything we percieve. I was curious to check out that storage..