Interior Landscape

The Book

What is a true moment? 
Why is it so hard to meditate?
What does a meditation look like?
Do I have any control at all?

The sketchbook as a medium is never concluding or insisting on any final answer, but is an investogating medium in itself. Who am I to say I know something anyway?

This is a sneakpeak on my coming book, Interior Landscape, which is book number two in my series of repruduced sketchbooks, following my first published book Fractal State of Being (Journal 2014).

The book will be reproduces and published in the same small edition as last book on 500 copies only, in late autumn 2019 or spring 2020 by Journal.

I am in the process of finding funds to be able to publish this book, if you want to contribute as sponsor and be mentioned in the book, please write to me and I would be forever grateful. If you want to be sure to get a copy of the book (the first sold out within three months and now goes for 400euro in amazone..) and preorder it, please write to me here.