Fractal State of Being

The book, (Journal 2014)

What does an emotion look like? 
Why do we act the way we do?
Can I use my work to learn?

My sketchbook is a physical form of my thoughts, my aquifer of ideas and meditations of the world as I experience and learn from it. It is where my psychological truth takes form and manifests. To study patterns in nature and draw them small and concentrated gives me time to meditate on the forms, shapes and expressions they give. Abstract forms are fascinating because they are not familiar to us and therefore when presented or seen -we have to accept them.
In this project I investigate emotions wich do not have a physical shape. I use familiar and unfamiliar forms and patterns in nature; micro cosmos, water, skin and hair are used to investigate their physical and psychological expressions. Printing and drawing on and with my own body gives me the experience of edges between the objective and the mental world. By experimenting with my own emotions I perform for, collect, edit and re-edit my sketchbook.

Reproduced 1/1 at Journal, 1st edition of 500 copies, 2014. Where 5 is a unique Special Edition, where I continued making the book as I made the original, includes unique photo materials as C-prints, manipulated polaroids etc.
Sold out!

I am happy to announce that Fractal State of Being was selected as one of the 10 best photobooks of 2014. You can see the other books here

Book history:
The book was nominated by and exhibited at Nordic Dummy Awards 2012, Fotogalleriet, Oslo, Norway 2012.
The book-launch was the same place in 2014, where I exhibited the special edition of 5 handmade books.
A second book-launch was held at Landskrona Photo festival 2014.
The book was headhunted by Todd Hido (Moma NYC) and by him added to the list of nominated books to the Paris Photo-Aperture Photo-book Awards for the 1st Book prize 2014. Continuously it was exhibited at The Paris Photo 2014 and at Book exhibition in Tokyo, Japan 2014.
It has been selected to participate in the touring exhibition reGeneration3, Tomorrows Photographers Today for 2015.

The book will also be exhibited at the photo book exhibition in Athen Photo festival in Benaki Museum from 3 June to 26 July 2015, and additionally I will be one of the exhibitors in the festival.

The book is shortlisted for PHE15 Best Photography Book of the Year Award and will be exhibited at the museum of the National Library, in Madrid, Spain.
The show, which will open on June 11th, as part of the Official Section of PhotoEspaña 2015.

The book have been selected for the Author Book Award in Les Rencontres d´Arles, or just the photography festival in Arles. The announce will be on Tuesday 7 July at the festival area: Ancient Theater.