Commision work from Concertgebouw Brugge (NL) 
In process through Sept 2023

We are mortal. But we are also birth-like.

Commision work: Seasonal artist for Concertgebouw Brugge (NL)

Pencil, pen, ultra sound images on handmade sketchbook.

Is there a possible involution within us, as there is a lawful evolution in nature?

Every moment is a new moment.

About the comission

Concertgebouw Brugge, (NL) is a concerthall showing classical and contemporary music and dance, exhibitions, and projects between the arts, often in the form of festivals. They follow a thematic cycle of  “seasons”, which lasts for one year. Birth, Life, Death, Metamorphoses and Cosmos. For every season an artist, one thinker and one composer is invited to reflect on the topic of the season in their mediums. I am so proud to be this seasons artist.

Impregnated with a topic

When I received the topic “birth” to work on, I was given a set of ultrasound images to work with. From the pregnant women in Concertgebouw Bruge I immediately knew the sektchbook was the best medium for me to work with.  It i salways with me and close to my body. And I felt the topic was like a seed planted within me from outside, which would slowly grow and evolve in my sketchbook, as a fetus does inside the womb before the moment of birth on earth.